Projects & Impact

Current Documentary Film Projects

There’s an unlimited number of stories to tell. Our goal is to discover that ah-ha moment — that combination of events and personalities that tilts your head and makes you lean in. Here are a few highlights to share…

Hopeville, USA

Literacy: a classroom study


For 13 months, Harvey and the crew filmed in elementary classrooms of two schools in Waterbury, CT. The goal: Document the magic of kids learning to read. Theorizing we are in “Anytown, USA”, we get a glimpse into our nation’s progress. Hearing from brain scientists and teachers, see what works and what can be done to teach kids the most powerful tool for success: Literacy.


Raise awareness around literacy and the failing education in system in America today. We’ve reached a critical moment when illiterate youth and adults are truly left behind and unable to succeed. With rising poverty, homelessness, drug use, family dysfunction, the need for fundamental education improvement is essential.

It’s Good to Be King

The Life & Legacy of Diana Hanbury King


This film takes a deep dive into the fascinating life and accomplishments of Diana Hanbury King, master literacy educator, who changed the lives of thousands of students and teachers around the world. “The Dragon Lady” as she was known by her students, lived with a relentless passion to inspire others to take risks, learn more and live beyond their perceived limitations.


Diana’s legacy lives on in the institutions she founded, the lives she changed and the stories of her students and colleagues. The way she touched others will inspire you to dream big and make a difference in your life and the world.

A little history… in 2016 Harvey Hubbell V released the film One by One: The Teachings of Diana King

The Neuro Cue

A film about bleeding edge science for kids with learning differences


We document the research process and findings of Haskins Laboratories and the use of brain caps in schools for kids with learning differences. By documenting groundbreaking hardware and software we work alongside renowned neuroscientists from across the globe collecting data and mapping the brains of elementary kids.


To help educators teach literacy by knowing the science of how the brain learns.

In collaboration with: YouTube Channel

Streaming thought-provoking content by integrative health, education and holistic living experts


Seedling videos offer content for educators and parents of people with learning differences AND those interested in holistic health. It’s like Deepak Chopra meets Bill Nye the Science Guy, or ‘Eckhart Tolle’ meets Tony Robbins.


We provide content that supports a healthy mind and body and establishes the link between the two. Through our partnerships we bring new research findings, little known experts and valuable guidance to an audience hungry for content and information about a holistic lifestyle.