Inspirational Foresight

Harvey Hubbell V

Harvey is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and social entrepreneur whose lean-forward approach to creating educational and socially conscious media is defined by seeing the world through a different lens.

For almost three decades, Harvey’s media company, Captured Time Productions, has created feature length documentaries and short form projects that have captured almost 60 festival awards, including four Emmys. Based in rural Litchfield, CT, the production team is always developing and delivering socially conscious projects to educate, elevate and entertain.

Seeing the world through a different frame

Harvey was diagnosed with dyslexia as a grade schooler in the 1960s, back in the days of primitive understanding and treatment of this life-long condition. Growing up with this learning curve had a profound impact on how he pictured himself and the world. Harvey’s different visual sense found a natural outlet in filmmaking, a medium that gave his out-of-the-box creativity a home as a writer, producer and visual storyteller. His experience also inspired his life long mission to make media that matters to positively reframe our cultural approach to education and social equity and shift perceptions of learning disabilities as learning differences.

Harvey and Captured Time Productions first made waves when he wrote, directed and starred in his docucomedy, Electronic Road Film, which won an Emmy for Outstanding Entertainment Program. In 2001, he released his first feature length documentary titled Loop Dreams, a serio-comedic look at the indie filmmaking world. Loop Dreams garnered three Emmys for Outstanding Entertainment Program, Individual Achievement for Directing, and Program Writing along with the Gold World Medal for Comedy at The New York Festivals.

In 2013, Captured Time released Dislecksia: The Movie, Harvey’s passion project seven years in the making. It’s a documentary feature that focuses on the serious and seriously misunderstood subject of dyslexia. Harvey shares his own dyslexia story, blending humor with insights and inspirations from neuroscientists and leading experts on learning differences. The film advocates for changes in our educational and legal systems, while raising awareness around these issues and helping dyslexics avoid unneeded suffering through school and life. Dislecksia: The Movie features cameos by Billy Bob Thornton, Joe Pantoliano, Sarah Joy Brown, Stephen J. Cannell, David Boies, Barbara Corcoran, and Billy Blanks.


Since the early 1990’s Harvey Hubbell V with Captured Time Productions has earned almost 60 film and television awards. Below are a few highlights.

One by One: The Teachings of Diana King (2016)

  • Award of Excellence - Accolade Global Film Competition
  • Documentary Short- Utah Film Awards
  • Documentary Medium Length and Essay Form- DocuWest International Film Festival
  • Feature Length Films- San Antonio Film Festival
  • Feature Film (Documentary)- Saratoga Springs International Film Festival
  • Feature Documentary - Metropolitan Film Festival of New York City
  • Social Impact Feature Documentary - Sacramento Film & Music Festival

Dislecksia the Movie (2012)

  • Best Feature Documentary - Black Hills Film Festival
  • Best Documentary - Greenville International Film Festival
  • Best Director - Greenville International Film Festival
  • Silver Remi Award - WorldFest Houston

Loop Dreams (2001)

  • Outstanding Entertainment Program (Harvey, Andie Haas)
  • Individual Achievement- Directing-Post Production (Harvey)
  • Individual Achievement - Program Writing (Harvey)
  • National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences: Boston/New England Emmy Awards

Electronic Road Film (1996)

  • Outstanding Entertainment Program
  • Outstanding Individual Achievement in Program Writing
  • National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences: Boston/New England Emmy Awards

In 2015, Captured Time took another look at overcoming learning differences with One by One: The Teachings of Diana King. An early intervention early adopter, Ms. King is a game changing educator who shares a lifetime of wisdom, practical techniques and concrete tools for working with students, particularly those with dyslexia and other learning differences. Her step by step workflow with emphasis on motor memory and teacher engagement while working one on one opens new windows into the world of teaching differently. This film is a front row seat to a master class on best practices and is accessible and relevant for students, families and professionals in this field.

2018 will see the launch of, Harvey’s newly created website and media hub that expands on this educational content and mission. As the website of The Hubbell Difference Foundation, a not for profit 501(c)(3) organization, and Captured Time Productions will partner with master educators, neuroscientists and cultural influencers to create evidence based educational content to give teachers, students and communities the tools and knowledge needed for today’s challenging educational and social environs. Creating media that frames learning as a different experience for each person helps educate all of us.