Five Day Natural Farming Training with Chris Trump

October 10-14, 2019

Chris Trump is a renegade in his field and a dedicated teacher. Trump came to Korean Natural Farming after his Hawaiian Macadamia Nut Farm suffered a massive crop failure. Unable to afford the expenses of pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers, Trump attended a Korean Natural Farming workshop to approach his work from a new angle. He implemented the practice and found he was able to save his crops where all other conventional methods failed. His farm is now Certified Organic and produces for about half the price of traditional organic inputs. Trump has spent years honing and teaching Korean Natural Farming for large-scale farms; where he is the only KNF large-scale farmer in the world.

Trump’s 5 day course will give students lectures and hands-on training in his revolutionary method. The class will touch upon Nutritive Cycle theory and practical application, microscopy, selection technique for locally sourcing supplies, fermented sea water, and many other topics. Upon completion, students will be certified to instruct others in the technique.

This event will be Chris Trump’s first workshop on the East Coast. We hope it will not only instruct passionate individuals, but it will begin to cultivate a sustainable farming community here in the North East.

Chanticleer Acres
51 Hutchinson Parkway
Litchfield, Connecticut 06759