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Doug & Stacy

Followed by thousands of people across the globe, Doug and Stacy step back in time to simple, more wholesome living and are dedicated to teach the ins and outs of living off the grid in a homestead.  They sold their home and small businesses to move into their white oak saddle-notched 800 square-foot hand-built home on 11 acres.   Their unrelenting desire to reduce their carbon footprint, eliminate stress and live debt free transpired into a journey of sharing and documenting their experiences through living off the land, raising sheep, chickens, horses, bees and growing their own food.  Primarily via YouTube (with over 150,000 followers) and Twitter, Doug and Stacy have created hundreds of videos. Some of their posts include videos on health tips for people and animals, going from a big house to a tiny house, using a 100 year-old ice box, recipes, tree cutting, and much more.

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