The team documents first-grade educators engaging students through best-practices reading and writing.

Welcome to! is a blend of the world’s philanthropy through documentary filmmaking, farming, education, and community action. Our mission is to be a resource for life long learners and raise awareness to advance the academic and scientific environment regarding learning differences. Education is one of the greatest tools and a lot of times that very system, along with our young kids, slip through the cracks. We are here to show you all the factors that contribute to improving how our educators teach, as well as, how school aged children learn. Our hope is that our site raises awareness by informing students, parents, and educators on such topics including dyslexia and other learning differences while promoting lifelong learning through educational films. supports creative content that profiles individuals and organizations focused on education, integrative health, and mindfulness. It truly takes a village when it comes to education and appreciate having you come this far with us.

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