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What is seedling.tv?

seedling.tv is a newly sprouted media hub and video platform dedicated to creating cause-driven content that retools how we approach learning and growth.

seedling.tv advocates for education reform and rethinking, resolving critical social issues, self improvement, and creating better lives for our communities through sharing stories, strengths and knowledge.

seedling.tv believes that teaching skill sharing can help us all seed the change we want to see in our worlds.

Seedling.tv is the brainchild of award-winning filmmaker Harvey Hubbell V.  For over twenty years, Harvey, along with his company Captured Time Productions, has been dedicated to giving experts in the fields of education, health and wellness, and the environment, a platform to have their knowledge showcased.  To find out more about Harvey and his history as a filmmaker, click here!

How does it work?

seedling.tv sources best practices from educators, scientists, artists and thought leaders and shares these skills through visual storytelling by great film and media makers.

seedling.tv will regularly release new content that digs deep into our core themes of educating differently, building community resilience and wellness.

We believe everyone learns differently and deserves the top tools and support to grow, change, and achieve success. seedling.tv is a front row seat to a master class on best practices whenever and wherever you want.

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